Friday, September 12, 2008


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3rd International Conference on Appropriate Technology

Kigali, Rwanda

November 12 – 15, 2008

“Promoting Research and Practice in Appropriate Technology:

Energy Solutions in the Era of Climate Change”

Official Use Only

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Conference Registration Form

Name Badge and Mailing Information (use a separate form for each person)

Name: ________________________________________________ (for ATC database)

Badge Name: _____________________________ (this name will appear on your name badge)

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Conference Registration Fee


Early Bird Regular Amount

(Before 09/30) (After 9/30) Enclosed

Local Frw56,000 Frw60,000 _________

African Countries $125 $150 _________

International $225 $250 _________


Local Frw27,000 Frw30,000 _________

African Countries $65.00 $75.00 _________

International $110.00 $125 _________

Workshop Fees (Check Workshop To Register, Fee is $20 per Workshop) _________

□ Solar Powered Housing; □Solar cookers ; □ Website Development; □ Micro-Hydro Power Generators; □ Biomedical engineering; □ Local Energy Research Center

TOTAL ENCLOSED……………………………………………….. _________

Accomodation Information: The conference hotel is the Hotel Serena; Alternative Hotels are listed on the Conference Website and Attendees are requested to make their reservations directly with the hotel. We request that you provide this information so the local planning committee can organize adequate transportation for delegates to the Hotel Serena.

Method of Payment (Check the appropriate one)

African registration: Make bank transfer to UmutarUniv./ATConference, account #103-11500-03-39, BCDI/Ecobank, Nyagatare Town, Rwanda (swift code – RWRWBCDI)

International Registration: Make check payable to NCCBPE/AT. Send to: NCCBPE, Appropriate Technology Conference, P.O. Box 1686, Oakland, CA 94619, USA; Bank Transfers: Swift Address:BOFAUS3N; Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank America; Beneficiary Bank Address: 100 N. Tyson St., Charlotte, NC 28255, Beneficiary Account Number 12330-60588; Beneficiary Account Name: Pacific Coast Bankers Bank, SF for further credit to: Community Bank of the Bay/Northern California Council of Black Professional Engineers, Account # 155001779

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